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180 or Less

Created in 2015, 180 or Less is located at CTV, Prince George’s Community Television 9475 Lottsford Road Suite #125Largo, MD.

180 or Less gives a platform for young highschool, college students as well as recent graduates with media interest to cover events, topics, and social issues important to them. The mission of 180 or Less is to tell a story in 180 seconds or less (3 minutes).  180 or Less brings a younger and informal style to news and event coverage and is directed to capture the attention of the millennial generation.


Creator, Executive Producer and Head Video Editor

Jackson Clay


180 or Less; Natural Hair in The Workplace

Producer- Maya Cherry

Editor- Maya Cherry

Lighting- Marcus White


180 or Less: 20th Aniversary of the Million Man March

Producer- Al Davis

Editor- Jackson Clay

Videographer- Jackson Clay

Lighting- Marcus White


180 or Less: Art All Night

Producer- Tegan Jones

Editors- Jackson Clay, Al Davis and Tegan Jones

Videographers- Jackson Clay, Al Davis


180 or Less: Do's and Don'ts of College

Producer- Al Davis

Editor- Jackson Clay

Videographer- Jackson Clay


180 or Less: Models Inc "Mrs. Carter Tribute"

Producer- Sakina Janae'

Editors-Jackson Clay, Sakina Janae

Videographer-Jackson Clay, Sakina Janae



For More Video Please Visit The  180 or Less Youtube Channel








Video Graphics

CTV News Graphics Set 1
CTV News Graphics Set 2
CTV News Graphics Set 3
CTV News Graphics Set 4

As a graphic designer I can incorporate graphics into my video projects.  The graphics above were for the Prince George's Community Television's local news program. I designed lower thrids, full page graphics and box graphics for video.  This was a challenging project in which I worked with the News Derector as well as others to come up with a final product.  I worked with both Adobe Illustrator as well as Adobe Photoshop to create the final set of graphics.  These graphics are currently in use at Prince George's Community Television for their daily news program.